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tktable, tile, vu & winico @ SF

This is the core development home for the tktable, tile, vu and winico widget sets and extensions to Tcl.

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Project resources at SourceForge:

tktable/tile project resources at SourceForge:

The tile project is a modified Tk styling engine demo. Currently it supports a standard Tk theme, an alternative Tk theme and an XP native theme.

The source is maintained as a CVS repository under the tktable sourceforge project. You can get a copy by following the instructions here.

tktable/winico project resources at SourceForge:

Winico is a Tk extension for Windows that provides enhanced icon handling and permits manipulation of an icon in the Windows taskbar and system tray. See the documentation for further details.

Tcl Developer Xchange

This is the primary site for Tcl users. There is lots of information here, and this is the primary site to get all the Tcl/Tk releases.

Tcl'ers Wiki

An open discussion forum with thousands of pages of community managed content.

A lot of Tcl and Expect discussion also occurs on the news:comp.lang.tcl newsgroup. If you do not have newsgroup access, this newsgroup can be accessed via the news server, or via the Google Groups web server.

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ActiveTcl is the industry standard binary Tcl distribution available on most platforms. This extension is included in ActiveTcl.