The Tile Widget Set is a next-generation re-implementation of many of the core Tk widgets, along with the addition of several new widgets. With Tile, Tk applications can achieve an appearance much closer to native platform widgets, as well as take advantage of a modern, highly dynamic theme engine to produce a wide variety of alternative user interface styles. Tile widgets complement the existing Tk widgets, and Tile is currently being incorporated directly into Tk.



The tile package contains the following built-in themes
classicthe classic Motif-style appearance
default a simpler, streamlined look for X11
alta "revitalized" look and feel similar to GTK+'s default theme and Windows NT appearance
winnativewhich uses the native Win32 API to draw widgets
xpnativewhich uses the Windows XP "Visual Styles" API
stepan experimental playground for testing out new ideas, such as NeXTStep-style scrollbars.


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