Screenshots: Built-in themes

The built-in themes are multi-platform theme engines. All of these are available on all platforms as they only use Tk functions for drawing.

The classic theme emulates the standard Tk unix look. This is quite Motif-like and is how Tk has looked by default for the last 10 years.

The default theme engine provides a cleaned-up and modernized look to the Tk widgets. This theme is accessible today using normal Tk widgets and some careful selection of options and use of the option table. This theme makes it very simple to use with the new widget set. At this time this is the default theme for Unix and is the root of the theme engine inheritance tree.

The alt theme is a revitalized look for Tk. This engine attempts to follow the Microsoft User Experience guide and so is a Windows look and feel, drawn using Tk functions. It is not intended to be 100% Windows compatible - for that we have the winnative theme.

The clam theme is another sample theme, inspired by (an older version of) the XFCE-basic GTK+ theme.

Click on any of the pictures to see a full size version:

Tile demo: default theme
Tile demo: Classic theme
Tile demo: Revitalized theme
Tile demo: Clam theme
Tile demo: OpenSTEP theme


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