Tile 0.7.8 released 6 Oct 2006

Tile 0.7.8 has been released. This release has the following changes:

Tile 0.7.6 released 6 May 2006

Tile 0.7.6 has been released. This is primarily a maintenance version, corresponding to the copy of Tile included in the recent ActiveTcl release.

Tile 0.7.2 binary releases 25 Oct 2005 contains prebuild windows binaries and the tcl files for tile 0.7.2. You may unpack this in your Tcl lib subdirectory to install it. This version has been built as a thread-enabled extension and should work fine with threaded and non-threaded builds of Tcl.

tile072.kit is a multi-platform starkit. It contains binaries for Darwin-ppc, Linux-armv5tel, Linux-x86, NetBSD-x86, OpenBSD-x86, SunOS-sparc and Windows-x86. To run the demo do 'tclkit tile072.kit' or source the kitfile to make the package available in your Tk application.

Tile 0.7.2 Released 19 Oct 2005

Tile 0.7.2 has been released. New widgets include notebook, progressbar, combobox, and separator. There are two incompatability warnings to note. First, the Tk 8.4 widget compatibility options have been disabled in this release. Second the [style default] command is becoming [style configure] and may need changes in some custom theme files. See the release announcement on comp.lang.tcl for full details.

Tile 0.6.4 Released 10 Jun 2005

This is principally a bug-fix version, released to coincide with the recent ActiveTcl and TclTkAquaBI releases.

TIP #248 proposes distributing tile with Tk 8.5 09 Jun 2005

See TIP #248 for the details. This proposes that tile be included in future source and binary releases of Tk 8.5

EuroTcl 2005 6 Jun 2005

At the Fifth EuropeanTcl/Tk Users Meeting no less that 3 papers were presented that discussed tile. See this page for the list of papers presented.

Tile 0.6.2 Released 11 April 2005

tile-0-6-2 has been tagged and suitable released made to the project downloads page. As in previous releases there is a source tarball, a Windows binary zip release that may be unpacked in the Tcl lib subdirectory and a multi-platform Starkit. The starkit now supports Darwin-ppc, Linux-armv5tel, Linux-x86, NetBSD-x86, OpenBSD-x86, SunOS-sparc and Windows-x86. Suitable tclkit binaries are available at The release notes can be found here

Tile used in TkDarwinPorts application 4 Jan 2005

Kevin Walzer posted a link to the tktable-tile-dev mailing list of a screenshot for a Darwin ports management application that uses Tile. He had the following to say:

I think this is good evidence of how cool Tile is. TkDarwinPorts makes use of some other nice extensions, such as tablelist, but Tile gives this real Aqua-compliant look-and-feel.

Tile stubs added 9 Dec 2004

The Tile package now has a stubs library for use by projects which would like to link to this extension. At this time it does not expose the widget creation helper functions, but most of the Ttk_* functions that are used to create or register new themes.

New developer 28 Nov 2004

The Tile project welcomes Michael Kirkham (aka muonics) to the development group. Michael is a MacOSX user and developer of the MIB Smithy SNMP suite.

Tile 0.5 released 31 Oct 2004

Tile 0.5 has been tagged and released today. See the downloads link for the files. A source tarball is available along with a zip archive containing pre-compiled dlls for Windows. The starkit (tile05.kit) currently contains binaries for Windows, OpenBSD-x86, Linux-x86 and MacOS X Aqua. You can run the demo application using tclkit tile05.kit.

What's new in 0.5:

New tile-themes CVS tree opened 30 Oct 2004

We have created a second cvs tree to host contributed themes for use with tile. This is to clear such things from the primary source tree but to permit the themes code to be managed with CVS.

The new tree is tile-themes and is accessed at

    cvs co tile-themes

The Aquativo, WinXP-Blue and kroc themes have been moved from the tile tree into the new tree and I have imported updated versions of the keramik and plastik pixmap themes that were posted to comp.lang.tcl by Googie some time ago.

All the themes in tile-themes are tcl packages and can be installed as any other tcl package. The "tile::availableThemes" procedure will list the core themes plus any installed themes and the utility procedure "tile::setTheme themename" will deal with the necessary package requires and set the theme. The tkchat app currently uses this scheme, as does the tile demo.

Any new themes are welcome, but new themes should use the "image" element engine as we intend to remove the "pixmap" engine in tile 0.6. Once the tile API has stabilized we should have a tile or ttk stubs interface and new themes using the tile C API can be added.

Tile 0.4 released 19 Aug 2004

Get the files from the downloads section. There's been quite a bit of progress since version 0.3, and quite a bit more still to come. The main user-visible changes in version 0.4 are:

Tile 0.3 released 03 Apr 2004

The changes since 0.2 are:


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